Online Purchase Of Clen

Clenbuterol, the weight loss super drug is a bit complicated to acquire. This is mainly due to it being a banned substance in US and in several other countries. The drug is still available from vendors over the Internet. There are a range of debates over the legality, the availability and mode of purchase of this drug, most of which are not accurate.

Forms Of Clen Available

Clenbuterol is available in tablets in the dosage range of 20-40mcg very commonly. The other mode is the liquid Clenbuterol. The mode of the clen can be chosen either through the likes of the user or through the availability. When you consider the user preference, it would generally be the tablet form. The main reason as to this is the easy dosage regulation as the drug is available in 20mcg tablets. Most of the people follow the incrementing cycles of clen which needs increment of 20mcg every day, which can be easily adapted with these tablets. The advantage with the liquid form is that it is more commonly available for purchase than the tablets. The liquid formulation of clen comes from 50mcg/ml to 200mcg/ml. These are predominantly marketed by the research based companies. An alarming issue is the stability of these liquids over time, which might cause changes in the concentration of the liquid that can reflect in your weight loss effort.

Do Research Before Buying

The main factor you have to check is the source of your clen. Assess the reputation of the company or the research organization from where you are planning to buy your drug. Even if it is satisfactory, counterfeits of the same companies could be available online, who might send you a wrong product or a low quality drug. The location of the company from whose website you buy is also critical, as the drug is banned in some countries. It will create a lot of problem in the customs clearance and you will not want to get into such issues. The cost of Clenbuterol also greatly with the source from where you buy them. The pharmaceutical grade Clenbuterol is around $0.5-$1.5 per tablet, while the research grade can vary with the manufacturer. In case of liquid clen, typical cost for a 30ml bottle of 200mcg/ml clen is around $50-$80. It is also true that bulk purchases can save lot of money. If you plan to consider bulk purchase, there is one more thing to remember. Keeping a stock of this drug more than what is required for 6 months is not approved and you might be in trouble.

Be Prepared For Any Result


It is to be understood that clen does not work similarly on every one. While some people lose weight fast with clen, some people only get side effect and not a proper weight loss. It is safer to get only a little of the drug, see how your body reacts to it before buying bulk quantities. Do not get de motivated if clen does not work for you. There are always the traditional workouts and diets to help you with your weight loss.