Modern Usage Of Musical Instrument

The Guitar technology finally was made its way to the United states in the early nineteenth century with the person named as Charles Friedrich Martin who is a German guitar maker from which who emigrated to  the New York in 1833 that leading the way. In the early years of 1900s the Martin Company that is now located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania that produced larger guitars which is still adhered to the design of the classic models that too especially the Spanish guitar. Another company is the Gibson company that followed suit and began to produce the large steel-string guitars with the arched fronts and the backs which is known as the cello guitar. This brand of instrument produced a sound more suited for jazz and dance clubs which is used for parties.

Raw Material Used For Guitar

The guitar is the instrument made with huge number of raw materials. The guitar industry is in virtual agreement on the woods producers that used for the various parts of the instrument body. The back and sides of the martin backpacker guitar instrument body are usually built with East Indian or Brazilian rosewood. Historically the Brazilian rosewood has been the choice of connoisseurs to making guitars.


 In a guitar like instrument of the 15th and 16th centuries it is widely considered to have been the single most important to influence in the development of the baroque guitar at that time. By the time of 16th century the vihuela’s construction had more in common with the modern type of guitar instrument with its curved one piece of ribs than with the viols and more like a larger version of the contemporary four course type of guitars.

 However in an attempt to preserve the woods of the nature dwindling supply further the Brazilian government has placed restrictions on its export where in which raising the price of the instrument and making East Indian rosewood as the current wood of choice.

Less expensive brands of instruments are use of mahogany or maple but the sound quality of the instrument suffers in guitars constructed with those types of wood compared to martin backpacker guitar instrument. The top of the guitar is traditionally constructed with the Alpine spruce although the American Sika spruce has become most popular among U.S. manufacturers. Then the Cedar and redwood are often substituted for spruce which although these kind of woods are very soft and easily damaged during construction. Hence here shown the construction of the guitar.