With the growth in technology and everything is becoming electronic in nature. The way our food is produced, the life we live and the services we use all are dependent on technology these days. With the advancement in technology it is now time to welcome the Electronic Cigarettes. These cigarettes have a cartridge which is filled with nicotine containing liquids which have cigarette flavors, called e liquids.

What is E-Liquid?

Decoded e-liquid is actually the substance, a liquid like juice which is used for fueling the electronic cigarettes. They are the nicotine solution to your cigarettes and also are available in various flavors. Some may contain nicotine in them and others may not. It all depends on your choice. It is actually the vapor from these liquids that you inhale and gives a feeling of traditional tobacco smoke. They have various strengths of nicotine from none to high doses. Depending on one’s needs of nicotine in a day, the strength is decided for the e liquids.

Ingredients of e liquid

The e liquids have certain basic ingredients which provide the smooth flavors. These contain PG, VG or both. These combined with natural or artificial flavors creates unique blends which are worth cherishing. PG is propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin. Both these products combined to give a smooth flavor to your e cigarettes.

Decoded e liquid

There are various brands that sell these e liquids for your e cigarettes. The decoded e liquids are very famous. It is a Canadian company that makes e liquid with amazing flavors. Each flavor is an inspiration from a legend, myth or conspiracy and has a wandering effect on the mind. There are 5 distinctive flavors provided by Decoded and these are available in 30ml bottle. There are two types of strengths 75% VG in 3mg strength and 6mg strength. The flavors include the Big foot, Atlantis, Area 51, Da Vinci Code, Loch Ness and Rongorongo.

decoded e-liquid40These flavors provide a heightened sense when used in e cigarettes. As per ones choice they can choose from the range of menthol, traditional, fruity and sweet flavors. For some the effect nicotine provides is very important and they can choose according to the strength.

The vapor that is produced when using these e liquids is like a smoky substance similar to the one which is produce when you use the regular traditional cigarettes. But what makes them different from the rest of the products is that they are made from natural ingredients and are also safer than others. They are made to perfection to suit your taste buds. Also they offer various flavors and blends can also be created to get a great experience.

It is always better to use the premium brands as those are safe. The regular brands may contain some harmful substances which are not safe when inhaled. People who may finish a pack of 1 or half can use up to 15ml of e liquid when using the e cigarettes. At first when you are not sure about the taste and quantity, you can start by testing in small quintiles and mild flavors. Later you can shift to your choice of flavors.