Here’s The Right Way To Clean Your Shelves For Your Clothes

Having any kind shelves in your home or shop can be a terrific place to organize your products on. Whether you are using it for your personal items or to promote them to your potential customers, there is much to be said about having beautifully handcrafted shelves to do so. However, in order to keep the them looking pristine and great, you will need to be a responsible owner and maintain them every once in a while. Here are a few quick and simple steps to accomplish this;

Don’t Use Harmful Industrial Grade Chemicals

Depending on whether your clothes shelves are kept indoors or outdoors, you will need to use different types of cleaning solutions accordingly. If your shelves are kept outdoors where there is more dust and other grime buildup, you will definitely want to opt for stronger cleaning solutions to get them off.

If your shelves, whether they are made out of iron or wood are always kept indoors all the time then you can replace the cleaning solution with simple vinegar as it is mild enough to wipe off any dust and kill any mold, yet mild enough so that it does not cause any damage to your shelf. When mixing cleaning solutions, be it soap, detergent or vinegar, always be sure you know the exact ratio to combine in order to form an effective cleaning solution.

Prepare Yourself Before You Begin

So now that you have your tools ready to start with the cleaning but before you begin, you should make sure that there is nothing left standing on your clothing shelves. If there are still any items on it, you should remove them as not only will they impede on your cleaning process but they could be damaged by the liquid cleaning solution. The best method to keeping the shelves for clothes clean is to use a soft cloth or sponge that has been soaked in the cleaning solution then working through smaller sections first before moving to the bigger ones.

Keep Rinsing

Once you have soaked your sponge and then cleaned your shelves with it, it is time to rinse it out with clean water. The sponge needs to be free of any kinds of cleaning chemicals before you begin your second round of rinsing on it. Once done, it’s time to allow them to dry out properly before you replace your products on it once more.


If you are able to follow the steps listed above then it should be very easy to keep your shelves for your clothing looking clean and working as they are intended.