Top tips to build a successful marriage

If we want to have a successful marriage, it is very important to learn to respect each other and, even if we do activities together. When we get married, we dream of starting a wonderful life together, but it is well known not all couples achieves this success. Today we present top tips to build a successful marriage. Click here for calgary escorts.


Communication is the basis of any relationship. Try to make your partner your best friend. Talk about daily topics, tell him about your goals and projects, show him your appreciation constantly and express your disagreements in order to find solutions and not to generate conflicts.Visit this site for calgary escorts.

Listen, talk and ask before assuming anything. Attend to the nonverbal aspects of communication and always encourage it.


You must close the door to selfishness if you want to guarantee a successful marriage. Do not settle for always talking about yourself, and listen carefully and seriously to your partner. Guide your partner in whatever he/she needs, rejoice in his/her achievements and work together for any issues when you are disagreeing.

Good sex

Sexual relations are fundamental in a relationship. Do not settle for the routine. Keep the spark of romance alive and surprise your partner from time to time. Look for new positions, experiment with other places and talk about what you both like, what youdon’t likeand what you both would like to try.


No one is perfect and, as humans, we have the possibility of making mistakes. Make sure that what affected the relationship will not happen again, take appropriate action and follow the path together. Always try to be kind and try to forgive each other in order to have a healthy relationship.

Don’t relive old wounds

If something unpleasant happened and you showed forgiveness, do not bring the subject up in the future in case of new disagreements. What was already spoken and forgiven must be left behind in order to continue advancing in new experiences.

Personal space

Although we know that a couple is two persons, we must also take into account that each of the people who make it up has an individuality. Respect each other’s space and allow your partner to do all the things he/she want to do alone.Invading the privacy of the partner or trying to stay with the partner all the time can lead to monotony and exhaustion.